Sarah-Jane Sewell for National Deputy Chairman (Membership) Conservative Future

This WAS the election campaign website for Sarah-jane sewell in 2011. She stood for the position of national deputy chairman (membership) and won with two thirds of the vote.

Sarah-Jane Sewell is a hard-working, enthusiastic, passionate and committed individual. 

Sarah-Jane is the founder and first elected Chairman of the highly successful South Holland and the Deepings Constituency Branch, the successes which were highlighted and praised on stage at party conference this year. Despite this constituency being a safe Tory seat, it looked somewhat threadbare with regards to Conservative Future. In the aftermath of the General Election and studying Government and Politics at A-Level, Sarah-Jane became inspired to become much more involved in party politics. Upon discovery that there was no Conservative Future branch in her Constituency, she took the steps to creating a branch. Pulling together a handful of friends from school and colleagues from her time as a South Holland District Youth Councillor, South Holland and the Deepings Conservative Future Branch was born.  Before the first AGM of the branch, Sarah-Jane Sewell was offered the position of Vice-Chairman of communications on the East Midlands Region Executive. Unfortunately after a few months, she had to resign due to a number of reasons.

Sarah-Jane intends to stand as a local Councillor in the next elections, and looks forward to doing so as she missed the opportunity to in 2011 due to being a few months too young. In 2011, she supported local Conservative candidates, encouraging members of her branch to do the same. Sarah-Jane is currently applying to University to study Politics and International Relations.

Following the East Midlands Region AGM in October 2011, the Chairman Elect, James Poland offered Sarah-Jane the position of Vice-chairman for Social Action, which she was delighted to accept. In July, Sarah-Jane along with her branch organised a highly successful social action project called "The Big Tidy Up".( Over the next year, she aims for this project to continue throughout her constituency and indeed the region. She and her Deputy are also planning a Duke of Edinburgh award style expedition around Rutland Water, in aid of Sue Ryder Care and Macmillan Cancer.

Sarah-Jane has set up and runs an active Conservative Future Policy Forum within her constituency which any member of Conservative future is always welcome to participate in.

Fear not if you can't make the event though, you can always take part online! 

I am diligent, energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, innovative and passionate, all essential qualities to represent young people in the Conservative Party, and indeed young people across the UK. By setting ambitions aside and pulling together as a team, all of us can bring Conservative Future in the UK, into the Future. We are the future, and we are all in this together. 

 Sarah-Jane Sewell thoroughly endorses Thomas Turrells urge to keep this year’s election clean. Quoting him "Conservative Future should strive to represent the Young People of the United Kingdom, after all the National Union of Students, Young Labour, Labour Students and Liberal Youth are all too busy playing political football and attempting to score cheap points, the fact is they don’t care about young people, Conservative Future over the past year has tackled the Tuition Fee Row head on, we have been more active in social action projects and we have shown ourselves to be a credible voice within the Conservative Party and as a representative voice for the Young People of our country, this is not the time to return to the days of smear and constant in fighting,”

Sarah-Jane says that it is most important that candidates act in a mature and professional manner throughout this year’s election. Bitching and smearing of candidates’ names is completely unacceptable. Bullying is also 100% intolerable. As the potential future leaders of our nation, we should all show that we can represent respectably and with honour.

 Produced by Sarah-Jane Sewell with help from James Hopkins, Laura Goodliffe and Thomas Ashton on behalf of Sarah-Jane Sewell.


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